Product Design and Licensing

Globally recognized for his attention to every detail of interior design, Christopher Grubb has repeatedly received accolades for his thoughtful execution of custom furnishings and product design.  Product design has been an important facet of the services offered by Arch-Interiors since the firm’s founding in 1994. The design of furniture, lighting, upholstered goods, case goods and accessories has played an integral role in nearly every project. This demonstrative skill combined with Christopher’s enthusiasm for innovative design led to the establishment of two distinctive product design studios, each with its own rationale, both under Christopher’s leadership.

Christopher Grubb works in partnership with Develop Innovated Brand Partnerships.  Angela Pickens and Mike Ragan share over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the design industry which includes branding, merchandising, marketing, retail, product development, sourcing, licensing, social media strategy, business expansion and content production.

Develop’s mission is to distinguish the core of the brand and nurture that identity to reach it’s highest potential.

Angela Pickens and Mike Ragan
11041 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 311
Los Angeles, California 90024

Angela Pickens

Mike Ragan